Pjerina Kallajxhiu, Norway

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Racism can be funny sometimes…Today i was driving to have my morning burek and coffee, and in my way I saw an old, old lady that was full of groceries, and literally not able to walk (laiki day today, greek people will understand) and in Athens is crazy windy today… I stopped and asked her if she wanted me to drive her… she get in the car…. and after the typical old lady Balkan ”god bless you… are you married? No? Andeee with a good guy… bla bla bla…” she threw the “ aaaahhh kid, with all that Pakistani and Albanian, is scary to get in someone’s car now” – you see i am Albanian that grew up in Greece, the typical Mediterranean dark hair, and no accent in my greek… I didn’t say a squat, drove her at her place, helped her till her door with the groceries and turned and said to her “ahhh by the way, I am Albanian.“ Her face expression – priceless!